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CBD Stay Fit Pack

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D3 Vitamin – 250 caps

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Magnesium Citrate – 200MG – 100 pills

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Multi Men (60 pills)

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Multivit 120 tabs

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Omega 3 (180 pills)

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Omega 3 Fish Oil – 100 softgels

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Omega 3 Ultra-Pure – 100 softgels

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Perfect Cooking Spray

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Vitamin D3 (180 pills)

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If you are serious about strength training, you know the importance of good nutrition and adequate rest. In addition to an optimal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the intake of vitamins and minerals is just as important. You get many of these substances when you eat healthy. If you do not eat enough healthy food or are often tired, for example, extra vitamins, minerals or a multivitamin can be a good choice for you.

CBD and Health

The CBD + SPORT multi capsules are the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle, everything you need in one capsule. The added CBD provides a stronger immune system as well as health in body and mind.

Are vitamins important in sports?

Many of the vitamins you need on a daily basis can be obtained through your normal diet, provided you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you do strength sports, certain vitamins are extra important. The B Vitamins, for example, contribute to a healthy nervous system and energy metabolism. It also contributes to better protein processing. CBD + SPORT has a wide range of individual vitamins, but also a well-balanced CBD multivitamin.

Are minerals important in strength sports?

One of the most talked about minerals among strength athletes is magnesium. Magnesium is found in dietary sources such as grains, nuts and cocoa. With a normal, healthy diet you will get enough magnesium, but if you do a lot of strength sports, your magnesium requirement can increase enormously, which means that you run the risk of developing a magnesium deficiency if you do not supplement it.

What are examples of good fats?

Fats come in countless forms, ranging from bad for your health to very important for your body. Unsaturated fats in particular are known for their positive effect, but certain saturated fats can also play a role in a good diet. Products such as salmon, nuts, olive oil, avocado and seeds are especially known for their good fat profiles. Because it can be difficult to eat enough of this every day, you can give your diet a helping hand with good fats in supplement form. Think of Omega-3 softgels.