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Food & Snacks

A protein bar is a simple and delicious way to get an extra portion of protein. A protein bar can be used as a weight loss goal, but also as an extra protein-rich snack. CBD + SPORT has various protein bars & healthy snacks in the range that can be perfectly adjusted to your sports goal.

The best protein bars?

The protein bars that CBD + SPORT sells come from well-known top brands and have a perfectly adjusted composition so that you can determine which ones suit your sports goal! A responsible snack before or after your workout & with the best nutritional values!

What are healthy snacks?

There are many different types of snacks, each healthier than the other. In addition to protein bars, we also sell snacks with a high protein content. For example, check out the snacks we sell from well-known top brands!

Would you like to enjoy low-calorie dishes?

If you exercise a lot and you want to consume fewer calories while achieving your sports goal, but still want to enjoy delicious & healthy dishes, CBD + SPORT offers you the solution by offering a wide range. Consider, for example, delicious light sauces or pancakes with a high protein content.

CBD + SPORT has a suitable snack in the range for every moment of the day!