Why do we use nutritional supplements?

Food supplements are therefore an addition to a healthy diet. In practice, it appears that the average person does not have a perfect diet and therefore does not intake all essential nutrients. Due to the overproduction of food, the use of fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives, the quality of our food is deteriorating. This ensures that our food contains less nutrients.

Food supplements ensure that we get the necessary vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and proteins that our body needs. Below we list the main reasons why it is relevant to use nutrients:

1. Stress:
Almost everyone has to deal with stress at some point. We live a busy life and have to hold up many balls. During physical and psychological stress, the body needs extra essential nutrients to function properly.

2. Too little sunlight:
In winter, we don’t have enough sunlight to produce enough vitamin D. In our busy life, we spend certain periods outside less time, so we don’t get enough sunlight. Especially black or black people produce less vitamin D. Age also plays a role, the older the skin the less vitamin D is produced. This causes a vitamin D deficiency for many, especially in winter.

3. Bad habits:
For example, smoking or the use of medicines can have a major influence on the amount of nutrients you need. One person also absorbs vitamins and minerals from food better than others.

4. Unhealthy Eating:
Due to the busy life we live in, we increasingly choose to eat processed or prepackaged food. The longer the food can be kept, the less nutrients are in the meal.

5. Diet:
Many people today are vegetarian or vegan. In practice you see that a vitamin deficiency often occurs. You can choose to supplement this vitamin by means of supplements.

6. Active lifestyle:
Try to achieve your goals through intensive workouts and sports supplements can help you achieve your goals. There are a number of supplements that, for example, help with faster muscle building or that ensure that you get more out of your presentation.

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