What is humulene?

Humulene is also called α-humulene or α-caryophyllene. That is an important part of the phytocomplex of the cannabis plant. This humulene also gives the scent of the cannabis buds. An early stage of the research revealed that this terpene may contribute to the therapeutic potential of this plant.

Humulene is also one of the hundreds of chemical compounds in cannabis resin.

Humulene has a strong odor of its own, namely an earthy, woody-spicy scent. As a result, the molecule forms the aroma of many cannabis strains and culinary herbs.

Where can you find all this?

If you’ve ever smelled a very strong odor in your drink, chances are it is due to humulene.

Humulene is also found in hop essential oil, in large quantities. The taste of the beer comes from this plant. Coincidentally, weed and hops both belong to the cannabaceae family. Humulus lupulus is the flower where hops grow and it consists of 40% humulene.

Research has shown that the air around certain crops contains a lot of humulene. You can think of pine trees or sunflowers. It is also an important ingredient in sage, ginger and Vietnamese cilantro oils.

Possible Effects

The studies that have now been carried out have revealed the following effects

• Anti-inflammatory effects

• Anti-tumour effects

• Antibacterial effects

A study by the European Journal of Pharmacology investigated the possible anti-inflammatory properties of humulene. Here they caused the legs of mice and rats to become swollen and then administered the terpene orally.

In 2003, planta medica published a study investigating the anti-tumour potential of humulene. And according to scientists, humulene caused a decrease in cellular gluthion levels and an increase in reactive oxygen components.

Humulene appears to have antibacterial properties. At least in phytotherapy research, a research article has appeared on this. It is said that humulene can fight staphylococcus. This strain of bacteria causes skin infections, bone infections and pneumonia.

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