What is CBD?

Cannabinoids (CBD) are organic compounds found in a variety of plants. However, there are only two plants with the highest concentration: hemp and cannabis plants. The hemp plant contains the most CBD, and growing hemp plants is legal. Both plants belong to the Cannabis Sativa category.

The cannabinoids ensure that the plant is pollinated and protected against insects that want to attack the plant. In addition, cannabinoids are exceptional because of their effect after consumption.
Its influence on the body and brain
Due to the countless results, it is difficult to describe the exact influence of cannabinoids.

To make it a bit clearer, there are receptors in your body. These control various activities of the body, such as motor skills, digestion and immune functions. Various actions take place through the use of cannabinoids. No cannabinoid is the same, resulting in varied effects when receptors and CBD work together.

The effect of cannabinoids on the brain is just as diverse. There are several receptors in the brain that influence the course, examples are: mood, appetite, pleasure and memory.

Another important factor that always varies the result is the complexity of the human mind. Each person is unique by nature, which means that no receptor is the same. Which in turn results in varied results.

Is it legal?
To answer the question briefly, yes it is legal. But a requirement is that it must be obtained from a hemp plant. There are also restrictions on the amount of THC that CBD contains so that it is legal. For example, according to European law, it may contain a maximum of 0.2% THC, for the US this is 0.3%. THC is still banned today (unless it is below these levels) around the world.

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