What is a pre-workout?

Pre workout supplements, the delicious kickstart of your training!
The ingredients ensure that you can train longer and many times more intensively and at the same time enjoy a lot of energy!
A pre workout is a supplement that is formulated to give your body an extra boost before an intensive training. The ingredients often consist of fast carbohydrates, amino acids, arginine, BCAA, tyrosine, creatine & caffeine. These ingredients ensure that more blood is pumped to your muscles so that your body gets a huge energy boost.
In addition to an energy boost, pre-workout also ensures that you can train harder and more intensively, this is because the ingredients activate the metabolism and in some cases people experience a tingling through the entire body.
A pre workout is therefore a valuable addition to your daily nutritional schedule and ensures that you start your workout more intensively, more powerfully and more concentrated.

The ingredients of the pre workout are really focused on improving your performance and the growth of your muscles. On the other hand, you often experience stimuli that you are not used to and you can often take that step higher. After the training, there may be a kind of depression experience that will give you a little less energy. You can be tired or lethargic because your body suddenly produces a lot less energy than it is used to. This can of course be explained, because your body had to perform more than it is used to & has received substances to be able to do this, your body feels much less energetic after working out these substances.
That is why it is advisable to take a meal or a good protein shake after an intensive training, so your body recovers a lot faster and you get back to the desired energy level.

Pre workout is generally doping free, however some pre workouts on the market may contain substances classified as doping by the World Anti Doping Agency and individual sports federations. It is therefore wise, while training for a competition, to check the pre-workout and the ingredients carefully against the label of the pre-workout.
The pre workouts that CBD + SPORT sells are completely doping-free.


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