Weight training

Strength training is a form of fitness in which you mainly train your muscles. You often train with free weights or with your own body weight. Think of push-ups, squats, bicep curls, etc.

What happens with strength training?

With strength training, you may burn fewer calories at the moment, but your muscles are very active. Small cracks appear in the muscles, which means that your muscles are still working on repairing those cracks about two days after training. You will experience muscle pain because of this.

The advantage of this is that your body still burns energy in the period after strength training due to increased metabolism. Muscles are very important in burning calories and fat. During weight loss, you do not want your muscle mass to decrease so that your metabolism remains high. That’s why strength training is important to maintain those muscles. The disadvantage is that you will lose weight less quickly in the beginning. Therefore always measure your fat percentage and muscle mass. This is where your results will stand out the most.

Body & strength training.

Of course, it is therefore also important to look at your diet and any supplements to strengthen your trajectory. There are several solutions for this on the market. However, one line is promising because of the unique ingredient CBD. Products with added CBD are there to provide muscle mass and your intestinal flora better support with recovery. Other ingredients are substances of the body and of natural origin. Examples of this are:

CBD Whey Protein

CBD Creatine

CBD Day Cream


To get it right again, tailor everything completely to your training program and try to use your body with the right resources. Dividing your diet and exercise schedule by your rest is the formula for your goal. Great chance of the desired results and very effective in the workouts!

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