Top 5 Unbelievable Facts About CBD

For the last few years, the word “Cannabidiol” has been in the news constantly. It has become more relevant in society, with research helping people fully understand its potential uses.

Both as a medical product to a supplement from hemp, there are plenty of exciting and scientific facts worth knowing. There are so many products targeting different issues like gummies for sleep, CBD for muscle recovery, cookies for anxiety, etc. Although nothing is 100% definite yet with the ongoing research, here are the top five unbelievable facts about CBD.

5 Interesting Facts About CBD

1.    We Produce Cannabinoids

Our body produces its cannabinoids, which are chemicals that interact with the brain and other parts of the nervous system to generate effects such as pain relief.

A chemical in your brain is called an endocannabinoid receptor found all across our bodies, including cells in areas like liver tissue, regulating things like appetite and metabolism – not just those related to moods!

The most famous cannabinoid produced by humans is Anandamide. It was first discovered back in 1992 when researchers identified this molecule because they looked at how THC affected rats’ brains; it turns out we make some of these compounds ourselves too!

2.    CBD is Non-Addictive

CBD is non-addictive and not thought to have a withdrawal syndrome, making it an attractive option for resistance to other medicines. However, more studies are required to know the full effects of this medication on different people with various conditions.

CBD has been shown as one class of drugs that can reduce pain without inducing any addictive properties. In addition, there’s no evidence pointing towards cannabis use leading users into addiction problems later on down the line either, which would make it seem like an unattractive treatment choice from some perspectives. However, many experts say we do not yet know enough about how these substances could affect personality development over time, which may matter most.

It has been shown to battle addiction without the side effects of conventional drug treatments. It is a powerful natural remedy that can be used as part of a holistic approach in battling addiction-related health conditions such as pain management and withdrawal symptoms from opioids or alcohol intake.

CBD offers relief for these symptoms without any addictive properties whatsoever, unlike pharmaceuticals which often have unpleasant long-term consequences because they are so hard on your system over time.

3.    People of Ancient Greece Prescribed Medical Cannabis

The use of medicinal marijuana in Greece is not a trend. A recent archaeological discovery found that the people of Ancient Greece prescribed cannabis to patients suffering from various ailments, including earaches and headaches. The idea originated from De Materia Medica, who is the first to record this unbelievable fact. A famous physician and philosopher have also pointed out that people pull CBD juice when it is not ripe and press it against their ears for pain management.

These medical benefits through drugs for some illnesses have been known for centuries; however, most Western cultures have only recently accepted it as an acceptable form of treatment due to its psychoactive qualities, which are not recommended or desired at all times.

4.    CBD Shows Potential For Treating Covid-19.

You might have already known about how CBD shows potential for treating cancer, but recent studies have also demonstrated the treatment for COVID 19. Although the results seem to be promising and exciting, extensive research is needed. The research conducted by Augusta University in Georgia showed that CBD appears to reduce ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), which is, otherwise, touted as a dangerous symptom in COVID 19.

5.    It Is Difficult To Produce CBD

Researchers are discovering that it is challenging to produce CBD. The difficulty of producing cannabidiol (CBD), a substance known for its therapeutic properties, comes from recent studies. The obstacles stem from sourcing hemp plants and creating an extraction process that can be time-consuming and costly without the proper knowledge or equipment on hand at any given point in time.

It is important to remember these difficulties when investing in this new trend. Buying products containing CBD oil online instead of locally sourced oils with high-quality assurance standards like Verified by Cannabis Certified is a good idea.

How is CBD Helpful?

CBD is highly beneficial for women to alleviate symptoms during their periods. It helps in controlling menstrual pains and stabilizes the mood. The non-psychoactive components will not make you high, which is why it gets celebrity endorsements online.

From acne prevention to controlling epileptic seizures, CBD has proven its worth. It is up to you to use the same ingredient that even Queen Victoria used during her reign in England.

Is CBD FDA Approved?

The vast industry of hemp production became federally legal with the farm bill of 2018. But is it FDA-approved? To fully understand this, you have to know about the landscape of the FDA, where it has rules and regulations. Since THC and CBD are not included in dietary supplements, it has a different approach.

The policy on FDA did suggest that the approach to regulation of CBD products falls under jurisdiction. In the past, FDA has cracked down on organizations that make misleadingly false health claims.

Overall, CBD companies must prove their trustworthiness when making products. There needs to be a clear demonstration and verification process before the brand produces CBD for consumers.


Overall, it is clear that CBD has many benefits, and the unbelievable facts listed above validate these findings. We will know more about CBD because there is more to discover with the research. Although the researchers have found various positive things, it is better to be cautious as it needs more analysis to confirm the results.

We are in a stage where the owners are even giving CBD to their lovely pets in forms like dog treats and capsules. If you are taking it for managing pain, make sure to take your doctor’s opinion. Make sure to do your research before falling into the trap of buying CBD from misleading and deceiving companies who mislabel their products intentionally.

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