Stay healthy with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed so the body can absorb calcium from food for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. In addition, the vitamin is important for the proper functioning of muscles and the immune system. The body produces vitamin D from sunlight and from food.
Vitamin D ensures that calcium and phosphorus is absorbed and stored in the bones and teeth during growth. Vitamin D is also necessary to minimize bone loss, which ensures that you get bone loss at a later age. Another function of vitamin D is to maintain good muscle function. A shortage of vitamin D can cause rickets at a young age, which is a disease that causes abnormalities in the skeleton. A vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of bone loss, osteoporosis or muscle weakness later in life. In the Netherlands, vitamin D deficiency has been found in half a million people. Because we do not always have to deal with enough sunlight in the Netherlands, vitamin D supplements are a good addition.

Preventing is better than curing. Research shows that the ideal value for vitamin D is between 100 and 150 nmol / l. On a sunny day, a (bare) body produces about 10,000 IU in half an hour, which is converted to 250 mcg of vitamin D. It is therefore advisable to take the maximum dose of 75 mcg per day.

Benefits of Vitamin D.

Our body uses sunlight to help the skin to produce vitamin D. We need vitamin D to, among other things, strengthen the immune system and thus prevent diseases. Vitamin D is the most important long-term vitamin for your health. Vitamin D acts more like a hormone, directly affecting the genes responsible for almost all aspects of cell development control.

Vitamin D has a number of other benefits:

– Mental Health: Vitamin D is an important nutrient for the mind.
– Blood pressure
– Cancer risk: high vitamin D levels reduce the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, heart disease, stroke and arterial disease.

Use of vitamin D3 supplements

Some people make less vitamin D or absorb less sunlight. Think of young people, the elderly, pregnant women and people with a tinted skin, for these groups it is recommended to take extra vitamin D through supplements.

A good supplement is Vitamin D3 from Body and Fit. Vitamin D3 is one of the most used vitamins by athletes. This is offered by Body and Fit in 3000IU, ideal for the avid athlete. Vitamin D3 3000IU can be taken all year round.


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