Difference between CBD and THC

First of all, what do the abbreviations actually stand for? CBD stands for cannabinoids, THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. Both chemical compounds are common in cannabis plants. Countless effects can occur when CBD is consumed, read more about this in the blog “What is CBD?”.

To summarize briefly, CBD is, next to THC, the most common chemical compound in Cannabis sativa. In addition, CBD potentially improves the well-being of the consumer, it is also a popular supplement in the form of CBD oil, for example. As you may know, we at CBD + SPORT offer many more sports supplements and cosmetic products with CBD, feel free to take a look at our range!

Perhaps the most frequently asked question of our complaints is that I get high from your products? No, our products will not make you high or stoned. This is because our products only contain CBD and no THC (the substance that gets you high).

The origin
As mentioned before, both CBD and THC are found in the plant species Cannabis sativa. But this plant species can be divided into dozens of types of plants. Hemp and weed are the two most popular of these.

The differences between hemp and weed are actually very clear. Hemp contains a large amount of CBD while the THC content is considerably low (<0.3%). Weed is the opposite, the THC content is considerably higher (> 0.3%) than the CBD content. Because the threshold value for legality in Europe and the US is on average between 0.2% -0.3%, hemp is also legal in many countries and is the plant from which CBD is obtained.

The differences
To summarize the different effects, here is a list of the different functions of the human body that the substances have an effect on:

CBD              VS                  THC
• Sleep-                                Impaired memory and coordination ability
• Immune response –        Increased appetite
• Appetite –                         Delayed reaction time
• Mood –                              Altered mental state

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