Cooking with CBD

You can integrate CBD oil into your daily routine in a comfortable, convenient and natural way, simply by adding it to your food and drinks. This is possible with CBD oil, CBD hemp oil and CBD black cumin seed oil. The result is often delicious and also effective.

Benefits of cooking with CBD oil

  • Great with salads, smoothies and other fresh treats
  • Practical and direct
  • Masks the natural taste of CBD oil
  • Effect lasts longer


By adding CBD to smoothies, you can incorporate the cannabinoid into your daily routine in a practical way. Smoothies often have a strong taste and texture, which masks the CBD oil. Another advantage is that you do not lose CBD. Once it’s in the blender, there’s nowhere to go. This also makes smoothies with CBD useful for users who want to use an exact dose.

Work with healthy fats

CBD is hydrophobic; that means it repels water. However, the cannabinoid binds easily to fats. In addition, it ensures better absorption. If you are going to cook with CBD oil, it is best to do so with foods with healthy fats, such as coconut oil, avocado, full-fat yogurt, and fatty fish. Or if you’re craving something sweet, put a little cream instead of milk in your coffee.

What is the right dose of CBD oil for cooking?

Unless you’re experienced cooking with CBD oil, it’s best to stick with something you know. By that we mean that you should use the same dose as usual. If you take CBD oil with your lunch and usually put 3–4 drops under the tongue, put the same amount on your food.

Remember that orally consumed CBD passes through the digestive tract. This means that the effect is not immediately noticeable. The advantage of this, however, is that if the effects are noticeable, they last longer.


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