Composite Packages

You can also buy a package at CBD and Sport. You then have a choice of 2 different ones. The choices are the CBD+SPORT BEAUTY PACK and CBD+SPORT FIT & BEAUTIFUL PACK. You can see exactly what is included and how much it costs in this blog.


The CBD+SPORT BEAUTY PACK says it all in the name. It mainly contains beauty products. For example, it contains a day and night cream. It also contains a CBD Eye Roller. Finally, there is also a pot of CBD Multi Vitamin. All this for a price of 83.50,-. Cheaper than buying everything separately. This is also a nice gift for Mother’s Day or for a birthday. For further information you can also look under the Lifestyle heading.


In addition to the CBD+SPORT BEAUTY PACK, we also have the CBD+SPORT FIT & BEAUTIFUL PACK. This contains other products and with 69.99, – a bit cheaper than the other package. This does contain the CBD Eye Roller, but other than that they are all other products. This includes the Anti Aging Cream and the CBD Lip Balm. This package is completed with the tasty CBD Gummy Bears. So there are other things in it, but it also contains good products for a gift for your parents or friends. The same as with the CBD+SPORT BEAUTY PACK, it is cheaper to buy everything in the package instead of buying everything separately. You can also find these under the Lifestyle heading.

So you can buy these packages for yourself, but also as a gift. You really get your money’s worth if you calculate how much the products cost if you bought them separately.

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