CBD has never been so delicious thanks to the Gummybears!

If you are not a fan of the taste of CBD oil, there are plenty of alternatives to still get CBD in a tasty way. A good alternative are the “CBD-Gummybears. These are precisely dosed full-spectrum CBD, without THC. So there is no risk of mind-altering thoughts.

The Gummybears from CBD and SPORT are infused with CBD oil and contain 94% CBD distillate. With a dosage of 15mg CBD, this is a good alternative without the strong make of CBD, making it an ideal healthy snack.

CBD helps maintain a healthy immune system and physical and metal well-being. Thanks to the CBD in the Gummybears you get the essential vitamins and minerals you need to feel healthy and fit. This delicacy also helps create muscle gain, increases stamina, prevents inflammation and calms pain. The Gummybears help to get the most out of your workout. A great supplement for a healthy diet. In addition, CBD helps you to relax and sleep better when you reduce anxiety and stress.

2 to 3 Gummybears a day are enough to experience the benefits of CBD. But what exactly are those benefits of Gummybears compared to other methods of intake such as CBD-oil?
– Gummybears contain CBD dissolved in fat, which ensures that they are digested in the stomach and broken down over a longer period of time. This leads to a longer lasting effect compared to other methods.
– It is much better for your lungs and throat unlike many other methods such as the vaporizer.

How are CBD Gummybears made?

The CBD that is processed in the Gummybears is obtained from the selectively grown variant of Cannabis Sativa. The CBD is extracted from the plant using various processes. CBD and other compounds are extracted from the plant matter, as they are soluble. One way to make CBD Gummybears is through steam distillation. By heating the plant material under pressure in a container, the CBD and terpenes seep out of the plant in the form of an oil. This oil can be used for making Gummybears.

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