An introduction!

We proudly present one of our athletes, introduce yourself! This is Dennis van de Water, he is one of our highly regarded athletes! You might know him from Temptaion Island or as a content creator on Instagram (dennisvdwater_). Dennis tell me a little about yourself, how old are you? What is it you do?

This is me!

My name is Dennis van de Water and I am 26 years old.

I live in ‘s-Gravenzande. I have been in the fitness industry for about 8 years. Already in primary and secondary school I learned that I was very developed in the field of sports, in addition to the fact that I couldn’t wait for the word ‘gym’ to come back on the schedule. I thought I should do something about this. I have always played football at a high level, which I thought was super cool and fun. But the moment I turned 18, I immediately hit the gym.

I can be found at the gym at least 5 times a week. I also give personal training and group lessons, such as Hiit training and Circuits.

I like to challenge myself and keep setting and achieving new goals. This really gives me a kick to get the most out of life. I’ve learned over the years that the harder you work, the more you get in return.

Hard work pays off.

Why Dennis?

You may be wondering, why Dennis? The passion for sport runs through the veins of his body! In addition, of course, he is also just a very nice and sympathetic boy. We at CBD+SPORT have Dennis as one of our athletes for the simple reason that this young man is passionate about what he does. All this makes Dennis one of the faces of CBD+SPORT and we are proud of that as a company!


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